Expert Interviews: Keep it simple!

Hi all!

I wanted to comment on the Interview Guide (Version 13/11/17) as my suggestion is to simplify the procedure, focus mainly on RRI and leave the social challenges out. As we discussed during the design workshop last week, the social challenges are in many of the programs partially or entirely irrelevant, and their relation with RRI is in many cases difficult to explain.

My second recommendation is to maintain the classical RRI pillar “Governance” or even better, not mention it at all as the EC does when implementing RRI in H2020. The reference to “O1-Open Innovation”, “O2-Open science” and “O3-Open to the world” as it is in the current version of the document may result confusing  and create more negative response.

3 thoughts on “Expert Interviews: Keep it simple!”

  1. I agree with Antonia that it would be sensible to replace societal challenges with RRI otherwise it might go out of scope. As well, I see the three Os as problematic.

  2. First of all: a big thanks to Job!

    Hi all!
    I am very much missing the sixth key “governance”. I realize that there is an ongoing debate whether this should be a RRI key all together. To me as a R&I funder it is a really important key. …and I don’t quite see how RRI can become reality in (national) R&I funding if the structures governing R&I funding do not change to incorporate the very idea of RRI.

  3. I can absolutely relate to Antonias (and Roberts) reflections; In the Aarhus team we have also discussed this balance between focus on the societal challenges vs. on RRI in the interview guide.
    I am a bit concerned that an interview about e.g. waste optimization or infectious diseases in a program line or project might not reveal anything about how aspects of RRI (they keys and O’s) are addressed. As such I would also suggest that the different aspects of RRI should be the primary focus reflected in the interview guide.

    In terms of the question about the O’s we also discussed that if might be useful to add a very brief explanation/definition of each O to ensure that interviewees think along the same lines.

    I would like to add a question concerning the interview guide:
    When looking at the probes added for the question about stakeholders involved I am unsure about what kind of stakeholders this refers to – What is an “ethic stakeholder” or a “scenario stakeholder” etc.?

    – Would it perhaps be more concrete to use probes such as RFOs, CSOs, NGOs, research institutions/HEIs, industries/SMEs and the like? Or do you have any suggestions?

    I am looking forward to your comments and reflections concerning this.


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