Panel/proposal review information packet?

Does anyone know if there are information packets that panel or peer reviewers get before they review proposals?

I’ve seen the “self evaluation” document available, with a template for generic scoring. I’ve also seen some of the guidance materials on the EC website, eg related to SSH, ethics, gender, open access, climate and sustainable development (e.g., eg., “A proposal without a sufficient contribution/integration of SSH research and competences will receive a low evaluation score.”). But I’m curious if there is a single thing that reviewers get.

My curiosity stems from the question “what if reviewers are asked to review on an RRI/RI/OOO dimension in an evaluation criterion, but they are not aware of RRI/RI/OOO?” Do they have access, from the commission, to a ‘one-stop shop’ for information on things relevant to cross-cutting issues? Or is that what the guidance website is for? (

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