Pilots: How to manage and assist the RRI pilot activities

Dear all,

I’ve previously addressed this issue in an e-mail, but perhaps this is a better forum for discussing it. Please feel invited to share any thoughts and comments you might have.

After the first workshop event in SL18, ”Instruments of H2020”, we’ve received a request from one of the SL pilot activity participants. It concerns the emerging and more general question of how we, as SL managers, assistants and others involved in the NewHoRRIzon Social Labs can assist the pilot activities:

  • How we can help?
  • What can we help with and what can’t help with?
  • (How) can we help one another with requests like this (and those to come) in between the Social Labs?

This particular request concerns the question of funding. As this pilot activity involves several Large Scale Projects it is rather ambitious, and to meet their goals the pilot activity initiators request (support for finding more) funding.

The pilot activity initiators have already looked at possible EU funding opportunities, but the relevant calls aren’t open yet, and if they have to wait, they won’t be able to start the pilot activity for a long while.. So that’s not a solution for them (The trouble is; I’m not sure how to assist in this matter, i.e. where and how to look for additional funding for this pilot activity).

A related question that emerges is:

  • Is this (i.e. funding) something we can or should offer to help with?
  • And if so, is there perhaps anyone in the NewHoRRIzon project consortia who might be able to point in a direction for where additional funding might be found?

It doesn’t have to be actually finding a pool of money and giving it to the pilot activity initiators, but any help or assistance which could point to some ideas about how/where to look for funding would be greatly appreciated.

Please do share any thoughts or inputs concerning how we – as SL managers and assistants – can actually manage and assist in the further development of the pilot activities.

Thank you 🙂

Maria Lehmann
(WP5, AU)

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